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Fall in Love, Adopt a Pet Today

Eco expert, Candice Batista, showcases four dogs up for adoption as they model the latest in fall pet fashion

Energy and Water Saving Products

Eco expert, Candice Batista, showcases green products to help lower consumption and save money

Save Money the Eco Way

Eco expert, Candice Batista, reveals cool eco products that can help you save the environment and money, too!

Flowering Fragrances

Eco expert, Candice Batista, shows us how to create sensational scents using nature’s bounty

Go Green for Spring!

Eco expert, Candice Batista reveals the newest green goodies being showcased at The Green Living Show

Upcycling Inspiration

Eco expert, Candice Batista shares useful home hacks and upcycling ideas to reduce our eco imprint

Staying Eco Cool

In honour of 'Clean Air Day', Eco expert Candice Batista uncovers Eco friendly ways to stay cool and save money this summer

The Green Light on Eco

One mom decided to start a business with green on her mind. Our panel of experts help her alter her Eco business model to match the growing demand for her product

Living Green

Eco expert Candice Batista reveals her favourite green products from North America’s largest Eco trade show

The Power of Eco Skincare

Eco expert Candice Batista uncovers the eco beauty products that will help you look well rested

Winterizing your Skin

Eco expert, Candice Batista, shows us six non-toxic ways to prepare your skin for those harsh winter winds

Healthy Hair Remedies

Eco expert, Candice Batista, shares all-natural hair recipes that will breathe life back into our hair

Office DIY Accessories

Eco expert, Candice Batista, takes household items and turns them into fun upcycled projects perfect for your home office

Litterless Lunches

Eco Expert Candice Batista shares ideas on innovative lunch ideas that will save time, money and the environment

Natural Blemish Busters

Eco expert Candice Batista shares five at-home recipes to beat breakouts

Eco Fashion Must-haves

'Ecoholic Body' author Adria Vasil showcases her top eco clothing picks for spring

Make your own lip gloss

View a recipe for a natural and gorgeous lip gloss without all the chemicals.

Don’t idle your car

Stop being so idle, when it comes to your engine that is.

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